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World Cycle Racing Grand Tour 2012, Mike Hall finish 4 Juni 2012
Dondy Sudjono
Dondy Sudjono.
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By Dondy Sudjono
Published on 4 June 2012
3 bulan perjalanan mengelilingi dunia dengan sepeda. World Cycle Racing Grand Tour 2012 sudah berakhir. Mike Hall memecahkan rekor dunia sepeda tercepat keliling dunia. Hanya 92 hari, lebih cepat 14 hari dari rekor sebelumnya

Perjalanan sepeda Mike Hall berusia 31 tahun, petualangannya berakhir sudah. Mengelilingi dunia dengan sepeda selama 92 hari, memecahkan rekor keliling dunia dengan pesepeda tercepat. Hanya 92 hari, menargetkan jarak 200 mil perhari dan selesai pada 4 Juni 2012.
Mike Hall mengatakan rahasia kecepatan bersepedanya. Berkendara yang ringan saja, dengan berat total disepeda hanya 16kg.


Hall, from Harrogate, north Yorkshire, said he felt "stunned" as his friends and family popped champagne corks and sang Happy Birthday. "I think I had a lot of the emotions in the last few weeks on the roads. It was quite difficult and I think it builds up – the stress," he said. "So I kind of released all that in the last few days. Now I just feel pretty calm.

"There's been some moments, some kind of breakdowns, but I keep the breakdowns on the bike, I don't stop for those."

He said the worst thing to happen during the race was when he rode into a hole in Albania. "I broke my bike but managed to fix it with some parts I had, then had to ride through the night to get to Greece. There were a few close calls with traffic, but I just tried to keep safe, keep vigilant."

On the highlights of the trip, he said: "There were some seal colonies off the coast of California, they were pretty cool, and there were some eagles in Turkey."

Hall began the Quick Energy world cycle racing grand tour on 18 February and has so far raised about £1,000 for the charity, which provides healthcare and medical equipment for babies in Vietnam.

The cyclists chose their route for the race, but had to travel a minimum of 18,000 miles in the same direction with their GPS tracked throughout.

Hall planned his journey meticulously so he could ride the least distance possible. He said he believed it could be possible to complete the challenge in fewer than 80 days, excluding the time it would take to fly between continents.

"I would definitely change parts of the route if I did it again," he said. "By doing six sets of 3,000 miles, for example, I think you could get it right down. And the time it takes to travel between each place resets you more or less.

Hall, who has competed in bike races since he was a teenager, added: "I'm not sure I would want to do it again, though."

World cycle racing grand tour competitiors

Mike Hall Finish 26190.99 km di Inggris.
Mike Hall 24.300km sudah di Eropa, melalui Portugal dan Spanyol
Mike Hall 23569km  Menyelesaikan rute di Amerika.
3 Teratas
Richard Dunnett - 17185.52 km
Sean Conway - 14427 km
Mike Hall 21.000km  2/3 lintasan di Amerika hampir selesai
Mike Hall 14.600km  Hari ini memulai perjalan di Amerika.
Mike Hall 14.470km  selesaikan perjalanan di Selandia Baru. Siap menuju Amerika.
Mike Hall 13.500km  di Selandia Baru
Mike Hall 12.900km hari ini menuju Selandia Baru
Mike Hall 11.000km tembus sisa sepertiga perjalanan di Australia
Mike Hall 9220km tembus separuh perjalanan di Australia
Mike Hall 8251km hari ke 5 di Australia
Mike Hall 7244km hari ke 3 di Australia
Mike Hall 6703km di India, siap terbang ke Australia
Mike Hall 6456km di India.
Mike Hall 5547km di India.
Mike Hall 5095km di India
Mike Hall 4800km. Besok kemungkinan melanjutkan perjalanan dari Angkara ke Australia dengan pesawat (batal rubah rute ke India). Diteruskan menyelusuri benua Australia
Mike Hall hari ini sudah menempuh 3600km. Terhitung sejak keberangkatan 18 Februari lalu dari Inggris.

World Cycle Racing Grand Tour 2012 sudah dimulai. 10 pembalap sedang keliling dunia sejak dimulai 18 Februari 2012 lalu.

Ide perlombaan keliling Dunia tersebut dari Vin Cox, yang memecahkan rekor keliling Dunia dengan sepeda selama 163 hari pada 1 Agustus 2010. Nama Vin Cox awalnya akan dipakai, tetapi berubah di awal tahun menjadi World Cycle Racing Grand Tour. Targetnya sederhana saja, setiap pesepeda harus melakukan perjalanan minimal 18 ribu mil dari total 24,9 ribu mil perjalanan.

Para pembalap tersebut dapat dilihat via data GPS Live Tracker, 3 pembalap lain memulai perjalanan dari tempat terpisah

All Riders

Grand Tour Departures: London 18th Feb 2012

Jason Woodhouse

Kyle Hewitt

Martin Walker

Mike Hall

Richard Dunnett

Simon Hutchinson

Stephen Phillips

Stuart Lansdale

Sean Conway


Other Departures

Paul Ashley-Unett (Isle of Man, Feb 15th 2012)

Matt Phillips (start TBC)

Niel Coventry-Brown (NZ, 18th Feb)

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