Perangkat komunikasi sepeda dibuat oleh Cardosystem. Menawarkan koneksi 2 arah ke 2 - 3 perangkat komunikasi. Disebut Cardo BK-1, pesepeda dapat saling berbicara sampai jarak 500m diruang terbuka.
Selain untuk komunikasi, alat Cardo BK-1 dapat dihubungkan dengan Bluetooth untuk mengaktifkan ponsel, GPS dan MP3.

Alat tesebut waterproof, mengunakan baterai permanen. 
Dibawah ini spesifikasi Cardo BK-1


    Fits virtually all bicycle helmet
    Lightweight Aerodynamic design (main module weight 50.7g)
    Waterproof and dustproof (IP67 standards)
    Up to 7 hours talk time/1 week stand by
    Universal Travel Charger 110/240V 50/60Hz
     Battery type:  Rechargeable Li- Polymer
    Charging time – 3 hours
    Omni-directional microphone

    Hovering speakers with flexible boom for
    maximum biker comfort
    Multi – functional USB jack


     3-way Bike-to-Bike intercom conference mode  at a
    range of up to 500 m /1 640 feet
    Click-to-Link  Spontaneous intercom conversations with any
    cardo BK-1 user nearb

Key Functions

    Make / Receive / Reject mobile phone calls either by voice
    command or at the push of a button
    Receive in-the-ear GPS navigation voice
    Upgradeable Software to support future enhancements/features USB cable for PC included

 Multiple Device Connectivity

    Mobile Phone

Advanced Technology

    Voice-control for receiving or rejecting incoming mobile or intercom calls
    Packet Loss Concealment: Real-Time compensation of audio losses in challengingenvironments
    Digital Signal Processing Technology for
    advanced functionality
    Volume-Per-Mode: Volume is set and saved at different levels for each audio function
    Echo cancellation for increased audio clarity