Industry Nine keluarkan Torch series, dari wheelset rim dan hub. Wheelset model 2013 tersebut memiliki beberapa varian. Hub mengunakan koneksi R, 10x135mm, 12x135mm, dan 12x142mm.  Untuk versi Downhill hanya 150mm rear hub untuk 12x150mm dan 12x157mm.

Model Torch Rim dirancang oleh L9. Rim lebar dan bisa digunakan untuk tubeless.

Fitur Rim
  • Industry Nine Exclusive profiles – The Torch series rims are designed by Industry Nine to offer class leading performance in every category
  • Reduced weight – up to 100 gram weight savings (per rim) depending on model (when compared to 2012 rim options)
  • Increased width – All Torch series rims will feature wider outer and inner rim widths
  • Tubeless compatible – rims feature a tubeless ready profile and wheelsets will include tubeless tape, and tubeless valves with a removable core for easy sealant application
  • Exceptional stiffness/weight ratio – Following in the footsteps of the latest Carbon rim technology, our aluminum rims feature oversized extrusions that are wider and deeper than traditional rims, to offer improved stiffness and better control. They offer a ride quality that approaches the stiffest carbon rims, but at a much lower cost

Fitur hub
  • Significantly lower weight – approximately 100 gram savings over the XC, Enduro, and Classic series rear hubs
  • Lower drag – new drive ring and pawl geometry, relocated bearings, and a new seal system dramatically reduce freehub drag while coasting
  • Better sealing – The rear hub features a custom silicone lip seal to protect the drive mechanism and Teflon contact seals for the endcaps to protect outboard bearings
  • Exceptional hub stiffness – Oversized and butted 20mm/17mm axle
  • Universal endcap conversions – The 135mm rear hub platform is compatible with QR, 10×135, 12×135, and 12×142 simply by swapping endcaps. The 150mm rear hub platform is compatible with 12×150 and 12x157mm through an endcap swap
  • Freehub compatibility – 9/10 spd. Freehub or XX1 compatible Freehub options available and interchangealbe
  • Easier service – the freehub can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and service and features captured pawls and coil springs that allow tool-free pawl service

2 model yang ditawarkan dan sudah dirakit menjadi wheelset

Trail 24 Wheelset ($1,150) - 26 (1,420 grams), 27.5 (1,460 grams) dan 29-inch (1,520 grams)

Trail Wheelset ($1,170) -  26 (1,490 grams) dan 29-inch (1,600 grams) 

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