ENVE membuat model wheelset classic dengan hub DTswiss 350 dan Match Prime Spoke. Ada 3 model tipe tubular dengan 25,45 dan 65mm dan tipe clincher dengan 45 dan 65mm. Rim dibuat di pabrik ENVE Amerika. Kecuali bagian hub mengunakan produk DTswiss.

Spesifikasi wheelset tersebut masuk produk premium. Satu pasang wheelset paling ringan mencapai 1164g untuk roda depan dan belakang dengan bahan carbon.

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PRESS RELEASE: Through a strategic partnership with ENVE’s spoke and hub suppliers, ENVE will now be offering the 25, 45, and 65 Classic rim models as complete builds on DT Swiss 350 hubs. The addition of this new DT spec to ENVE’s current hub offerings allows for the American Made ENVE Classic rims to be offered at a new price point without sacrificing ENVE’s known and proven ride quality and durability.

The ENVE Classics were introduced to the high-end wheel market in 2007 and have steadily forged a niche in the competitive carbon fiber wheel market with their innovative features, trusted durability and unique ride quality. ENVE CEO Sarah Lehman said, “Our Classic wheel line represents the heritage of ENVE design and technology. Being able to share these technologies with more cyclists is exciting for us since it’s all about the ride experience at ENVE.”

ENVE Technologies that were born with the ENVE Classics include Molded in Spoke Hole Technology (US Patent No. 8,313,155), engineered carbon brake surfaces, fully removable bladder systems, and dedicated U.S. rim manufacturing. When all of these technologies come together, the result is an ultra-durable carbon fiber wheel set that is designed and tested to be used as both a training and race wheel.

ENVE Marketing Manager Jake Pantone commented, “From the beginning, consumers and dealers have expressed their desire for a lower entry point to an ENVE wheel set, but to do so would have required a departure from ENVE’s core competencies. Ultimately we found a creative solution and are able to offer the consumer a light-weight American built rim, DT Swiss hub, bladed spokes, and ENVE’s 5-Year Warranty at an excellent price point.”

ENVE expects to begin shipping the DT350 Classics wheel sets in February 2013.