Pete Oswald sedang menjalahi negara Sri Lanka. Mereka sedang mengalang dana untuk membantu penduduk disana yang terkena Tsunami.

Ruter perjalanan sampai 11 Januari 2014

2/1/14 (96km): Mirissa mark “G”, where we spent NY to Hambantota mark “H”, home town of the President and empty motorways. On this ride we picked, split and drank our own coconuts for the first time.
3/1/14 (44km): Hambantota to the pilgrimage town of Kataragama mark “I” where we witnessed a mixed religion festival where Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus & Christians all worship together. Had our first rain which was like 10 buckets of water being poured on us at the same time but constantly. Thankfully our waterproofing efforts held up and all electronics were safe.
4/1/14 (71km): Kataragama to Monaragala mark “J”, we biked through Yala National Park which we were told could be dangerous because of wild Leopards, Elephants  & Bears but saw none.
5/1/14 (76km): Monaragala to the surfing town of Arugam Bay mark “K”, we saw a small family of 3 wild elephants very close to us on our bikes. Massive scary thunder storm that night.
6/1/14 (rest day): Got up for sunrise then surfing and swimming and general beach dwelling.
7/1/14 (rest day): We intended to leave Arugam Bay this day but upon waking I had massive cramp so we decided to rest one more day as the next bike ride would be the biggest yet.
8/1/14 (113km): Arugam Bay to the city near the Karaveddy Prechool, Batticaloa mark “L”. Strong headwind & very hot, a hard day. Our pain was humbled by the Tsunami ruins on the roadside.
9/1/14 (school day): We visited Karaveddy Preschool for the first time by Tuk Tuk mark “M” to find the roof was nearly finished! We met the builders, some students & both teachers who hosted us for lunch. After returning from the school I had to see a dentist about a very painful toothache.
10/1/14 (school shopping day): Ranchan (OST Manager) hosted us for lunch, we then bought supplies for the school then went to Dianas (OST worker) for dinner, very delicious!
11/1/14 (46km): Picked up all the school supplies from around town and delivered to the school by Tuk Tuk, we then biked out to the school and witnessed giving the presents to the teachers.

Total distance biked including biking around towns: 838 km

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