Mavic kali ini menawarkan paket Mavic CrossMax XL lengkap dengan wheelset dan ban. Targetnya untuk sepeda enduro dengan ban CrossMax Quest. CrossMax XL WTS atau Wheel Tire System mengunakan sudut V di internal RIM. Memiliki lebar 23mm yang lebih tahan terhadap benturan.

Spesifikasi wheelset dan ban sepeda gunung Mavic CrossMax XL
Crossmax XL Wheel-Tire System
  • 24 round, straight pull Zicral spokes, laced 2-cross in the front and Isopulse in the rear (radial drive/2-cross non drive).
  • Wide, 23mm UST rim adds tire volume and stability
  • New rim extrusion shape for light weight and added durability
  • ISM machining reduces weight and improves responsiveness
  • FORE drilling adds strength, stiffness, and enables airtight UST rim bed
  • Weight per pair:
    • 26”: 3150g (WTS); 1660g pair, 790g front, 870g rear
    • 27.5”: 3390g (WTS); 1710g pair, 815g front, 895g rear
    • 29”:3520g (WTS); 1780g pair; 850g front, 930g rear
Crossmax Quest Tire
  • Single compound 50a Contact Compound (CC), grip and durability for all conditions
  • Wide knob spacing for traction and predictability
  • Large 2.4” volume for comfort and confidence
  • 66TPI Guard + reinforced single ply casing
  • UST Tubeless ready
  • Weights per tire:
    • 26” x 2.4”: 690g
    • 27.5” x 2.4”: 780g
    • 29” x 2.35”: 810g