Specialized Flux 1200 tampil dengan model lampu sepeda.

Lampu dapat dipasang pada handlebard, atau di helm pengendara sepeda

Specialized Flux 1200 mengunalan LED Cree XP-L dengan intensitas cahaya tinggi.

Lampu sepeda termasuk baterai kapasitas 3.400mAh.Pengisian baterai lampu sepeda mengunakan USB port.

Pencahayaan maksimum sampai 1 jam 15 menit, atau intensitas rendah sampai 5 jam.

Setting pencahayaan dari 1200 L, 600 L dan 300L.

Ukuran mounting handlebard dapat dipasang dari ukuran 22.2, 25,4 dan 31,6. Tapi tidak dapat dipasang untuk ukuran 35mm.

Specialized Flux 1200 lampu sepeda

• Sculpted double-beam pattern puts light where you need it and maximizes every lumen.
• Latest CREE XP-L High Intensity LEDs combines XM-L level of output in a non-domed
3.5mm package for maximum lumens with better beam pattern control.

• Quick-release bar mount works on 22.2, 25.4, and 31.8mm bars.
• Mounting system centers light in front, above, or below the stem with a long reach to work around most computer mounts and shifter/brake cables.
• Extra bright side lights to give you 180-degree visibility to other cyclists and motorists.
• USB rechargeable 3400mAh Li-ion internal battery.
• 1200-/600-/300-lumen output in three main steady modes.
• 1:15-/2:30-/5:00-hour runtimes in three main steady modes.
• Press-and-hold to turn off.
• Long press-and-hold to enter secondary modes: daytime flash, steady wide + narrow flash, camping flashlight, and emergency low.
• Extra-long press-and-hold to lockout light for travelling.
• Depending on mode, up to an additional three hours of super-low output are available
when listed runtimes expire. Trust us, someday you’ll need this.
• 90% fast charge in 1.5 hours with full charge in 3 hours.