After some chit and chat, the 2 groups departed on their own routes going back home.  Before leaving the area, 2 of Broccoli boys (Wayang and Panjang) found out that Brother Caqil had a problem in setting up his new carbon seatpost.  Not because of complexity of its design, but somehow somebody didn't use his logic when installing that piece of "stick" (in bahasa: nalar gak jalan geto loh).  We spent almost half an hour just to fix that seatpost. 

After the seatpost problem, 4 Broccoli boys (minus Ben "Mas...beep") left the playground.  Next stop: Jakarta's famous hawker: Bakso Blok S. 

Trip going there was a bit challenging.  We gotta cross the bridge on top of the famous Jl. Sudirman, took some pictures on it, passed through Central Business District, took some pictures, competed with crazy motor bikes and finally arrived in Blok S.  Ultimate goal was achieved: we enjoyed the famous tennis-ball-size of meatballs (a.k.a Bakso) ... yippieee what a night.

The dinner was "heboh" (no English word could actually describe this sort of expression hahahaha).  2 meatballs and avocado juice.  Porky and Panjang also ordered a couple of take-outs, so wives won't get mad hahahaha.

We started the whole thing at 6pm and went home from Blok S at 9pm.  Brother Caqil and Porky went back via Mampang. Panjang and Wayang went back via Pasar Santa.

Again ... yippieee what a night!